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Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know

Video tape: Starting this year, the news stories we produce here at Money Talks have all been shot, edited, and distributed to TV stations without ever being on any kind of tape. Not only that, the tape-less broadcast camera we use today offers much higher quality than anything that could have been imagined 10 years ago — and cost less than the lens on the camera we were using previously.

Travel agents: While not dead today, this profession is one of many that’s been decimated by the Internet. When it’s time for their honeymoon, will those born in 2011 be able to find one?

The separation of work and home: When you’re carrying an email-equipped computer in your pocket, it’s not just your friends who can find you — so can your boss. For kids born this year, the wall between office and home will be blurry indeed.

Books, magazines, and newspapers: Like video tape, words written on dead trees are on their way out. Sure, there may be books — but for those born today, stores that exist solely to sell them will be as numerous as record stores are now.

Movie rental stores: You actually got in your car and drove someplace just to rent a movie?

Watches: Maybe as quaint jewelry, but the correct time is on your smartphone, which is pretty much always in your hand.

Paper maps: At one time these were available free at every gas station. They’re practically obsolete today, and the next generation will probably have to visit a museum to find one.

Wired phones: Why would you pay $35 every month to have a phone that plugs into a wall? For those born today, this will be a silly concept.
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Salsa Criolla ( Del Peru)

Ingredientes :

2 cebollas medianas
1 ó 2 ají amarillo fresco, sin semillas ni venas, cortados a la juliana
Jugo de 3 limones
Aceite vegetal
Culantro o perejil picado finamente


Cortar cebollas en tajadas bien finas. Poner a remojar en un bowl con agua, mezclando bien. Escurrir y dejar que sequen.

Colocar las cebollas en un bowl, sazonar con sal y pimienta.

Rociar el jugo de limón. Incorporar ají y aceite al gusto. Mezclar bien.

Rectificar la sazón.

Servir esta salsa como acompañamiento.

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